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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Investments

    • Can I invest through my IRA?

    • Can I redeem my investment?

    • Where are the projects located?

    • What tax documents will I receive?

    • Are the investment offerings audited?

    • When can I expect a return on my investment and how will it be distributed?

    • How often should investors expect to receive distributions?

    • What types of projects can I invest in?

    • Is there an escrow account used?

    • Are there any tax advantages?

  • Investors

    • What is U.S. Oil Properties?

    • How do I get started as an investor on U.S. Oil Properties?

    • How will I be updated on the progress of my investment?

    • What documents will I receive as an investor?

    • Can international investors invest?

    • Who can invest?

    • What documents can I expect to receive?

  • Oil and Gas Operators

    • Why do Operators use U.S. Oil Properties?

    • What are your criteria for operators?

  • Security

    • Why do you need my Social Security number and date of birth?

    • Is my personal information secure?

  • Tax Form 1099-DIV

    • What is a Form 1099-DIV?

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