About Us

U.S. Oil Properties is dedicated to syndicating high quality Oil and Gas Investment opportunities for accredited investors. We specialize in providing investment information to give investors the ability to participate directly in and benefit from the income and tax advantages of the underlying investment. Based on the individual specifications, needs, and risk tolerance investors can gain access to these projects through our nationwide syndicate of operators. Gaining direct access to top producing oil and gas fields can provide opportunities for investors to acquire and build long-term revenue sources well into the future. Long-term income from these projects, although not guaranteed, can easily generate returns for 25 years or more.

Mission Statement

To provide investors with invaluable information while acting as their conduit to premier and profitable domestic drilling opportunities. We feel by being such a catalyst we can increase investor wealth and create jobs while reducing our dependence on foreign oil; the aggregate effect will make the United States a stronger nation for us all.