U.S. oil investments leave Saudi Arabia on uncertain ground

The U.S. has seen a dramatic turnaround in its oil and gas exploration in the past few years, bringing major changes to many parts of the American economy and raising a number of important policy questions. But the U.S. is not the only country facing some difficult decisions thanks to this turnaround, as Foreign Policy's Gal Luft reports Saudi Arabia finds itself caught in the midst of a debate over how to respond. Read more »

No reason to lose hope in Utica shale

Anyone interested in investing in oil in the U.S. has been closely watching the news coming out of the new wells being dug in Ohio's Utica shale, but the disappointing first official report from the state's Department of Natural Resources has left many investors wary. RBN Energy argues, however, that the doom and gloom surrounding the recent report is overdone. Read more »

Crude oil prices slip as supplies drop

Strong supplies dragged down West Texas Intermediate crude oil prices on Wednesday as investor and analysts followed the congressional testimony of the top banker in the nation that is the world's largest consumer of the energy commodity, according to Bloomberg. Read more »

Drones sweep the hills looking for oil

As oil investment in the U.S. surges, exploration efforts around the country have redoubled, with a wide range of new tools in geologists' arsenals. But researchers at the University of Bergen in Norway could have one of the more interesting, if straightforward, ideas in recent years - using drones for exploration. Read more »