Why Invest with U.S. Oil Properties

Direct investment or participation in oil and gas provides numerous incentives to investors. These include the ability to diversify individual income as well as the substantial tax benefits afforded to this sector. Additionally, individuals will benefit from having real ownership in investment projects carefully designed to achieve the highest possible rate of return. By choosing U.S. Oil Properties, accredited investors both domestic and foreign can depend on:

Tax Benefits

By investing directly into oil and gas projects investors are able to capitalize on extremely favorable tax benefits, many of which can be claimed during the same year the initial investment is made.

There is no other type of tax-oriented investment that provides as many benefits as oil and gas – benefits that were written into the U.S. Tax Code to stimulate the economy while reducing the dependance of foreign oil.

Long-Term Revenue

Oil and gas investments can pay out as long as fifteen to thirty years, a revenue stream that is not impacted by stock market trends, interest rates, or short-term economic fluctuations.

Monthly Income Disbursement

Investor net revenue checks are sent out every month by an accredited U.S. commercial bank with a sound economic standing.

Numerous Safeguards

At each and every stage throughout the process, U.S. Oil Properties implements critical technological, economic and legal safeguards to mitigate risk and further strengthen the value of every project.

Transparent Communication

Investors are kept completely informed with the use of detailed project updates,quarterly newsletters, frequent economic reporting, and access to a secure online partner site.

Rapid Project Implementation

The utilization of fields under the management of participating operators who are able to leverage their current infrastructure make it possible for rapid project completion as well as a quicker return on investment.

To find out if direct investment in oil and gas is an appropriate solution for you, please complete the Request Free Investor Kit form.

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